Property Inspection & Analysis

Property Inspection & Analysis

Evaluating real estate to eliminate surprises and ensure profits. Accurately assess true property value & repair costs. Currently available only through the Certified Real Estate Investor Program



What makes a good deal a good deal? How can you know for sure? Your ability to determine the true value of a property and assess repair costs with certainty is a critical skill for success. Ignorance can be financially fatal. This course will provide you with the skills to properly inspect and value real estate with 20/20 accuracy so that you can eliminate surprises and ensure profits.

Course topics include:

  • Accepted Methods of Appraisal – How to Figure Out What a Property is Worth
  • Professional Property Inspection Skills
  • How to Estimate Repair and Renovation Costs
  • How to Identify Environmental Issues and Hidden Liabilities
  • Analyzing Return on Investment

Forms, templates, and sample documents are included.


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