Contract Engineering

Contract Engineering


Become fluent in the language of real estate for investment, and boost your results. This course will give you access to the contracts and clauses Investors United and its members have created, collected, tested, perfected, and profited from over decades. Normally available only through the Certified Real Estate Investor Program, this year, as a service to you during COVID-19, we’re offering open enrollment at a discounted price.



There are dozens of ways to make an offer on real estate, and most people only know about five of them; but the more of those options you know, the better chance you give yourself to profit. Our flagship course, Contract Engineering, is the product of generations of real estate investing experience, thousands of transactions, and countless negotiations. In this class, you’ll practice reviewing actual real estate contracts to become fluent in the language of real estate. You’ll learn real estate contract essentials, dozens of ways to make offers with little or no money down, and simple, but powerful clauses to increase your lower your risk, and increase your options. Course topics include:
  • Essential Elements of Real Estate Contracts
  • Key Points of Negotiation in Any Real Estate Contract
  • 52 Creative Financing Methods to Fund Your Transactions
  • Vital Contract Clauses for Purchase, Assignment, and Sale
  • How to Control Real Estate No-Money-Down
Includes forms, templates, and sample agreements.


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