Negotiating Real Estate

Negotiating Real Estate

Tactics to getting what you want not just in real estate but also in everyday life. Learn how to always put yourself in the “Power Position”. Currently available only through the Certified Real Estate Investor Program



Negotiation is an essential part of real estate investing, so you can either learn the techniques that can give you the greatest advantage or fall victim to them. In this course, you’ll examine the process of negotiating real estate through actual case studies and discussion of basic and advanced techniques, and you’ll practice exercises designed to help you apply those techniques in the real world. The knowledge and experience you’ll gain in this course will help you make money, save money, and become a more confident negotiator.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Fundamental Habits of Successful Negotiators
  • Common Negotiating Blunders and How They Can Cost You
  • How to Cultivate Your Personal “Power Position”
  • 52 Negotiating Tips to Win Better Terms, More Often
  • Navigating the First Phone Conversation in 8 Minutes or Less

Forms, templates, and sample documents are included.


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