Power Prospecting

Power Prospecting

Finding truly motivated sellers of real estate. Little-known and highly effective lead generation methods to beat the competition. Currently available only through the Certified Real Estate Investor Program



Real estate is easy to find, it’s everywhere; but avoiding competition and finding truly motivated sellers are among a real estate investor’s most valuable skill set. Don’t waste your valuable time competing with novices who over-pay, or waiting around for the mythical “buyer’s market”. Investors United’s Power Prospecting course teaches over 50 little-known and highly effective lead generation methods that will allow you to beat the competition and uncover rare gems and greater profits in any market.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Over 50 Ways to Identify Motivated Sellers in Any Market
  • How to Craft an Advertising Plan in 4 Steps
  • Setting Your Real Estate Lead System on Auto-Pilot
  • How to Assemble a Prospecting Team to Multiply Your Income
  • Identifying Opportunities in Commercial and High-Dollar Arenas
  • How to Generate Quality, Off-Market Leads in 24 Hours

Sample prospecting letters, templates, and other course materials are included.


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