Control & Roll® Wholesaling

Control & Roll® Wholesaling


The Control & Roll® method of real estate auction wholesaling. Earn quick profits with little to no risk.



Developed by Investors United’s founder, real estate entrepreneur and auctioneer Charles Parrish, Control and Roll® is a unique real estate wholesaling method that allows you sell properties you don’t own for fast lump-sum profits using virtually no out of pocket money. In this class, Charles will show you step-by-step how to use his proprietary one-page “Skinny Contract™” to control (not buy) wholesale properties, and how to leverage the speed of public auction marketing to cash out quickly. You’ll not only learn the same Control and Roll® wholesaling system that Charles and his partners use to flip dozens of properties every month, you’ll have access to Charles’s team to help you profit.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  •   Common Wholesaling Mistakes That Waste Time and Money
  •   Time-Saving Prospecting Techniques
  •   How to Accurately Evaluate Wholesale Opportunities
  •   Control: The Highest Form of Leverage in Real Estate
  •   Auction Marketing Methods and Tips

Includes forms, templates, and The Skinny Contract™.


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