Aggressive Tax Strategies

Aggressive Tax Strategies


Creating your real estate investing LLC. Learn how the wealthy protect themselves legally and legally avoid paying taxes



The easiest way to make money in real estate is to keep more of the money you’ve already earned. And yet, most real estate investors routinely waste money, paying more than their fair share in taxes and incurring unnecessary risks. Merely relying on an accountant is insufficient; a real estate investor must be familiar with tax-saving “loopholes of the rich” in order to make smart business choices in real time. In this course, you’ll learn the best entity for your business, as well as dozens of methods to save money, limit risk, and boost profits on your next transaction.

Course topics include:

  • Writing Your Real Estate Investing Business Plan
  • Selecting the Best Entity for Your Real Estate Business
  • How to Invest Tax-Free or Tax-Deferred with Self-Directed IRAs
  • Selling Real Estate Tax-Free using 1031 Exchanges
  • Major Money-Saving Tax Tips for Real Estate Owners

Forms, templates, and sample documents are included.


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