Commercial Property & Development


Commercial Property & Development

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Investing in multi-family properties, apartments, retail, high dollar, and commercial real estate opportunities for superior income potential.



The exciting world of commercial real estate is perfect for investors looking for superior income, thrilling negotiations, fascinating financing arrangements, creative contracts, and the opportunity to engender prosperity for entire communities. No matter your current financial ability or level of knowledge, this course will teach you how to find, evaluate, and create cash flow and equity opportunities in commercial spaces such as apartments, multi-family buildings, storefronts, warehouses, offices, renovation projects, raw land, and non-conforming property. You’ll learn to think bigger, and increase your income accordingly. Course topics covered:
  • ABC’s of Land and Commercial Real Estate Investing
  • Seeing Past Existing Conditions to “Highest and Best Use”
  • Contract Clauses for Commercial Property Investing
  • No $ Down, Joint Ventures, and Creative Funding Options
  • Tenant Selection and Commercial Lease Clauses
  • Case Studies of Successful Commercial Deals
Includes essential forms, templates, and sample contracts.


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