Tax Sale Strategies

Tax Sale Strategies


Guaranteed high interest returns on your money. Learn Investors United’s exclusive techniques and take advantage opportunities to acquire property at flea market prices



In nearly every county in the nation, investors are invited to pay back taxes on behalf of delinquent property owners in exchange for tax liens or tax deeds secured by real estate. The prospect of guaranteed interest (often in the double-digits), and the opportunity to acquire property at flea market prices make government tax sale auctions the favored investments of banks, insurance companies, and individual investors nation-wide. In this course, you’ll learn how tax sales work, how you can invest in tax sales every day of the year, how to bypass competition, and how you can get started with as little as $200. Most importantly, you’ll discover the 10 unique tax sale investing strategies that make us say this course the best course on tax sale investing available anywhere. Course topics covered:
  •   How to Guarantee High Interest Returns on Your Money
  •   Tax Sale Auction Bidding Rules and Procedures
  •   Common Tax Sale Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  •   How to Bypass Competition from Other Investors
  •   Pre and Post Auction Strategies to Invest 365 Days/Year
  •   Strategies to Acquire Real Estate for Pennies on the Dollar
Includes essential forms, templates, and handouts.


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