Control & Roll Wholesaling Program

Control & Roll Wholesaling Program




The Control & Roll Program is Investors United’s exclusive method of wholesaling developed over the course of decades by IU’s founder and CEO Charles Parrish along with his son Ian Parrish, President of Investors United. Real estate wholesaling is where many real estate investors have started. It is a great way for people just like you to start your real estate investing business and to build capital. Many find this discipline in real estate investing to be especially attractive because of the low risk and large lump sum profits, if you know what you are doing of course.

This Program Package includes the Fast Start to Real Estate Investing Course, the Control & Roll Auction Wholesaling Course and the Business Entities Course. In these courses you will learn from experts in their field including seasoned real estate investors and award winning CPAs to not only generate quick real estate profits but to also protect those profits and yourself with business entities like an LLC.

Most of all this Program Package includes a template of Investors United’s exclusive and highly coveted “Skinny” Contract. Our “Skinny” Contract has been forged from decades of hard earned experience and has withstood the tests of countless litigations. Many have tried to pilfer this contract from us over the years but can now be yours along with the support of Investors United’s experts. Investors United’s Control & Roll Wholesaler Program will teach you to understand the “Skinny” Contract and wield this powerful tool in your real estate investing business.

Since 1980, the fundamentals offered in this Program Package has shepherded countless individuals like you to real estate investing success and has created hundreds of millionaires. Enjoy the support of Investors United’s experts and tools for a full year with the Control & Roll Wholesaler Program and as you grow additional courses can always be purchased and added to your program.

What is Included:

  •   Access to Investors United’s Member Portal & Community for 1 Year
  •   Access to Investors United’s Member Only Facebook Group
  •   Weekly Group Consulting Sessions for 1 Year
  •   IURealist Real Estate Data for Prospecting & Property Evaluation
  •   Fast Start to Real Estate Investing Course
  •   Control & Roll Auction Wholesaling Course
  •   Control & Roll Wholesaling Contract
  •   Business Entities Course
  •   Official Investors United Control & Roll Wholesaler Certification

Includes essential forms, templates, and handouts.


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