Pocket Pack Set

3 Pack set of Investors United's exclusive real estate pocket packs



With over 60 years of experience between them, real estate investing experts and father/son team Charles and Ian Parrish have distilled their most successful strategies – along with exciting games and income-producing exercises – into a convenient “Pocket Pack” you can carry, study, and use wherever you go. Every card in these colorful, oversized decks contains valuable tips and methods you can use to profit and build wealth in real estate. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn, and how easy they are to use. Put these creative ideas in your pocket:

Each Pocket Pack Set includes:

Creative Financing Pocket Pack

Find the money you thought you didn’t have to make more offers and close more deals in the Creative Financing Pocket Pack. Discover over 50 options for controlling and acquiring real estate with little to no money, including “Control and Roll®” for wholesale profits, “Refi. for Takeover” to buy no-money-down, “SDIRA” to profit tax-free, “Hybrid Offer”, and many more.

Prospecting Pocket Pack

Finding real estate is easy, but finding truly motivated sellers requires advanced skills. The cards in the Prospecting Pocket Pack are filled with dozens of proven methods to identify cash flow and equity opportunities before the competition even knows they exist. Learn how to avoid the worst sources for properties and competing with newbies, find out how to earn in high dollar communities, discover how to multiply yourself and your income, how to get the inside track to acquire government properties, and much more.

Negotiating Pocket Pack

Negotiation is an essential part of real estate investing, so it pays to learn about it. This Pocket Pack is loaded with powerful tips to help you identify common negotiating tricks, combat them, and get your way more often. Discover common negotiating mistakes, simple things you can do to gain negotiating confidence, how to deal with bullies, tips for offer-making, and much more.


While supplies last, order your Pocket Pack Box Set and receive a free copy of Charles and Ian Parrish’s Creative Financing Seminar on two audio CDs containing over 120 minutes of special commentary and extra tips. This is a limited edition item. Don’t be disappointed later, order yours today.

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