Phone Fear Vol 1 & 2

Laugh and learn as real estate expert Charles Parrish makes real world deals over the phone. Commentary by Ian Parrish.



The telephone is an essential tool for anyone investing in real estate; but speaking with strangers can be intimidating. Fear of hesitating or saying the wrong thing can cause you to delay making important prospecting calls or to not make them at all. At Investors United, we call this syndrome “Phone Fear”, and it can kill your profits. But with a little help from your friends here at IU, you can overcome Phone Fear and learn the tools of a negotiating master.

Phone Fear (Vol. 1 &2 ) puts you right in front of real estate entrepreneur, auctioneer, and Investors United Founder Charles Parrish as he makes real-world deals over the telephone. Drawing upon his signature enthusiasm and over 40 years of experience in real estate transactions of every kind, Charles will having you laughing and learning in no time. Each conversation includes commentary by real estate developer and investment expert, Ian Parrish.

HD Video (140 min.)


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