Real estate foreclosures experts Roger “The Noteman” Turek was a successful small business owner when he joined IU in 2004. As a result of his real estate investments, he soon sold his business of 30 years and retired. Today, Roger shares his expertise as a mentor and partner to members.

We Hold Your Hand Every Step of the Way, as Your Mentors and Your Partners

Your first opportunity to profit at Investors United begins immediately. Starting on day one, we give you an action plan to get you started finding profit opportunities. Every week in the comfortable atmosphere of our live Group Consulting Sessions, (accessible online or on-campus), you’ll join our mentors and other members to discuss deals, make calls, write contracts, and do business. You’ll gain real-world experience under our personalized guidance, as well as an instant network of valuable contacts, partners, and funding sources so you truly can
“earn while you learn”®.

Experience, The Investors United Way

Experience is the best teacher, which is why our training emphasizes hands-on investing under the guidance of our mentors so that you can profit in the real world. With your Investors United membership, you’ll hit the streets under the guidance of our expert real estate investing coaches, giving you the know-how and often the funding you need to close that life-changing deal. Our method is our motto: “Earn while you learn.”®