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Value for your money. That’s what we teach you to gain in real estate, and that’s what we give you when you enroll in our training. Many of our members have purchased other courses, only to be disappointed by their limitations. At Investors United, you’ll never be surprised by additional fees; nearly everything you need to succeed is included. When your initial training is complete, we’ll continue to bring you the latest tools, resources, and support as part of your membership.


Fast Start Orientation
?Learn the basics to get started immediately
Weekly Group Consulting
?Log in weekly to participate in a live consulting session
Complete Course Curriculum
?Learn everything you need to know to profit in real estate
Virtual Field Trips
?Our mentors take you into the field to gain experience first-hand
Real Estate Forms Library
?Access our full library of real estate forms, contracts, and templates
Renovation Spec’s Book
?An essential tool for rehabbers to ensure quality standards and best results
IURealist Subscription
?The best property data and comp service available to investors today!
VIP Admission to Special Events
?Special access to online and live events and content
Member Help Desk
?Speak to a real live person when you need help
Official Investors United Certification
?Receive your official Investors United Certification by mail upon successful completion of our training
Upgrade Anytime
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Get our full course curriculum, tools, resources, and weekly group consulting with our experts.

Full Year Program:
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All Premier Training Benefits
?Every item listed in Premier Training
One-on-One Consulting ★★
?Boost your income with exclusive one-on-one access to our experts
Campus Benefits
?Access to our real estate library, private offices, conference space, etc.
Phone Fear Vol. 1 & 2
?Bonus: Laugh and learn as Charles Parrish makes real deals over the phone
Pocket Pack Set
?Bonus: Exclusive content full of tips on prospecting, negotiation, and funding
Personalized Action Plan, Starting Today!
?Speak to an expert about your first steps

Get our complete suite of tools and resources, and boost your income with exclusive one-on-one access to our experts.

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