Hello, I’m Ian Parrish and I’m here at one of the latest rehab projects. I’d like to share with you a small improvement that can add major value to your property.

If you have ever been in your attic during the summer time, you know it’s pretty hot up there and It makes no sense to cool the rest of your house while you leave the attic alone. You’re throwing dollars out the window.

One of the improvements we make on our properties is a whole house ventilation system, and that’s a fancy term for an attic fan. It’s a fan poking out of the roof that’s attached to a thermostat. When the attic reaches a certain temperature, it opens and allows air to flow through the attic and out through the roof via the fan.

This improvement will keep your cost down when it comes to cooling in the summertime. It’s a feature that may only cost a couple hundred dollars, but you can save thousands over the lifetime of the property.

It makes the property more valuable when renting, and when selling, and more valuable when keeping for your portfolio.