3 Ways Real Estate Investors Lose Money

#TransformationTuesday! Stop making these three money-losing mistakes.

1) Buying For Appreciation People who gamble on appreciation are the same ones who were left holding the bag after the last real estate bubble. Why wait for appreciation later, when you can create immediate cash flow and equity profits by buying right today?

2) Zero Sum Negotiating Buyers who focus on the price end up losing more than they win. Let them have your way! Consider taking a buyback option, a pre-payment discount on owner financing, a principal mortgage, assuming positive escrows, throwing in personal property, etc.

3) Spending Your Money What’s the fastest way to double your money in real estate? Fold it. (Then put it back in your pocket.) Instead of buying with cash, do a dry closing then refi., or consider a family joint venture, or create a mortgage then sell it for private funding.

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Have fun!
~Ian Parrish, President Investors United.

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