#ThinkItThursday 12-7

Q. What’s the number one thing a new agent can focus on the most in order to provide the best service to an investor client?

A. Demonstrate to the client that you as an agent and understand contract engineering – how to write in the clauses to protect your client and how to control real estate and to be knowledgeable of creative financing; check funds, delayed settlement, options, possession, auctions, subordination, substitution of collateral, mortgage discounts and hybrid offers as well as joint ventures and liquidation by auction without ownership.

** As a new agent – (write this now) your best client is YOURSELF – represent yourself – get out there and in the market – look at 20-50 buildings (houses, commercial, businesses with real estate, lots and land) – know more about your local market (and sub-markets) than anyone else in the area – you need to know the estimated value of properties in your marketing area – (if someone gives you a street name – you should be able, off the top of your head, to know the value) be the most informed of zoning changes, tax sales, foreclosures, auctions, the county’s master plan, study expired listings – talk to real investors (not those turkeys who just took a GET RICH REAL ESTATE COURSE.

Buyers and Sellers are liars – they will waste your time, eat a hole in your wallet, run you around, make bad offers, call you at all times of the day and evening – they will be demanding – you don’t need to babysit with people who can’t make a wise decision!

Real estate agents are the only professionals who don’t get paid upfront for their services —– no respect from buyers and sellers ——-

Your best client is yourself ——– and you’ll make lots more money when you are the buyer and you are the client —– don’t get brained washed by brokers and others who want you to work for NOTHING – you are or will be a very savvy investor and agent, one in demand – be selective with whom you take on to work with – you are the pro – so act like one – get a good education and mentor.

Represent yourself and create a system to collect not only commissions but EQUITY PROFITS – you are your best client – know your market- and have fun!

CEO and Founder, Investors United School of Real Estate Investing

Charles Parrish Mentor

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