Master Mental Mountains to Summit Success, Part 4

For many working Americans, success—the ability to live life how you wish—might seem far away from the daily work routine. But the ability to sustain your current standard of living without a job IS attainable. It’s called financial freedom. and it’s entirely up to you. In this five part blog series will provide you with a helpful map to your real estate income goals.


In the previous two steps, you conceived a goal, then affirmed that reaching your goal is possible.Step three requires action. Take out a sheet of paper and ask yourself

What do I need to accomplish my real estate goals?

Who are the people or groups that I need to work with?

What obstacles are between me and where I want to be?

Your answers to these questions will form a path of action to reach your financial goals. Will you make calls to real estate owners? Search courthouse records? Contact owners in escheat? Attend auctions? Educate yourself? Seek a mentor?

When your written plan of action is complete, make it part of your everyday life. Success is a result of successful habits. We all have the same hours; take the opportunity to replace bad habits with successful ones. Every moment is an opportunity to make difference.Turn off the TV, eliminate frivolous gossip. Allocate 15 minutes to one hour to make progress When your time is over. Stop. A little a long

Your habits based upon priorities, the mark a lifestyle. Recently a friend asked When I plan to replace my old – Jeep. “Would it be more frugal spend $2,500 in repairs or $30,000 on a new Jeep?” I questioned. According to the best-selling study of America’s millionaires, The, Millionaire Next Door, most millionaires believe that financial independence is more than displaying high status. Live below your means.

Next Monday is our final post in this road map to success. Come back and finish it up with me.


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