Master Mental Mountains to Summit Success, Part 3

For many working Americans, success—the ability to live life how you wish—might seem far away from the daily work routine. But the ability to sustain your current standard of living without a job IS attainable. It’s called financial freedom. and it’s entirely up to you. This five part blog series will provide you with a helpful map to your real estate income goals.


The first part the map involved setting a destination, Now you ‘trust prepare your journey by affirming a successful Your co wealth will be fraught with obstacles, and in order to your destination you must resolve within the only acceptable outcome. Don’t be naive, change is only possible financial freedom is entirely up to you.

My students at United School of Real Estate include stock brokers. programmers. owners, doctors, business owner, as well as cash poor folks like Theman, a laid off baker with four children to Justin. an unemployed 23-year-old with bills pay. Many people would that the cash-poor folks are at a disadvantage, but last month Thurman made over $40,000, and Justin made $32,000. Why? These students needed the money so badly that they were forced to believe in success.

Do you believe that success is possible? Moreover, do you believe that you will succeed? There is no room for doubt. Say to yourself, “I will change my life. I am capable of great things. I can, I will! Clear mind of bills, naysayers and negative influences. Pull up anchor, and believe in your ability. You can do it.

We’re halfway through the roadmap to success. Come back next Monday to learn about Actualization.


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