Master Mental Mountains to Summit Success Part 1

For many working Americans, success—the ability to live life how you wish—might seem far away from the daily work routine. But the ability to sustain your current standard of living without a job IS attainable. It’s called financial freedom. and it’s entirely up to you. This five part blog series will provide you with a helpful map to your real estate income goals.

What is the difference between a common wage earner and a “make it big” while others only dream of success? Most of the fail in their attempts for success because of time, “dreamers” combination of poor planning. lack of knowledge. and failure to a plan.

Dreamers are like fledgling hikers trying to reach a distant mountain peak. Although they can see the peak far above the get turned around and lose their way when they try to reach the summit. Sadly, most dreamers quickly give up. Once upon a time, I was a dreamer, but I found a way to summit my mountain peak.

I’m not smarter or better than the average person, I just had a map. My map success was charted through trial and terror by my father, an enthusiastic real estate entrepreneur. His map for success consists Of three parts; I) Visualization, 2) Affirmation, and 3) Actualization.

Come back next Tuesday for an in-depth explanation on step 1, Visualisation.


Mentor Charles Parrish

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