Learn How to Invest Without Your Money.

Money is nice to have when starting out – but in my opinion, you should learn how to invest without your money first – because if you depend on money to buy properties without the skills of creative financing you will soon run out of cash and wonder WHY!

Some ideas:

Secure a credit line – use your funds as collateral – draw on it when needed

Learn to Control Real Estate with little or no cash – assign it before you have to settle it.

Understand seller financing – always ask for it and always write it in your offer even is if a seller says NO – buy or control real estate on YOUR TERMS!

Try a VERTICAL BREAK UP – this is where you buy the building and lease the land under it – this is a seller forced to take back and a discount to you.

Make a HYBRID offer at a discount (wholesale) with the seller being your percentage partner.

Don’t buy – lease with an option to buy – assign contract for profits.

Charles Parrish, Auction Brokers

Learn the many techniques of creative financing – how to CONTROL REAL ESTATE and how to ROLL it creatively – learn the auction method of equity profit

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