K. Kai Anderson and How to “Retire on Real Estate”

K. Kai Anderson is an alum of Investors United. The skills she learned allowed her the knowledge and ability to write and publish a book, “Retire on Real Estate”. Kai was kind enough to give us a few words on her thoughts and experience here at the school. Read what she says below.

“[My] desire to create financial independence on my own terms brought me to Investors United. My life is in a radically different place because of IU. I would not be in the same place I am now without having had the experience. IU has shown me the ropes in getting started in all kinds of real estate investing. I think the methods taught at IU are incredibly valuable. I like how it is an in-person classroom setting – and not an online course. It has increased my comfort level and provided a community of individuals with similar dreams and goals. Additionally, IU helped build my courage and provided valuable learning.

I’ve created enough passive income from rental properties to allow me to retire with complete self-sufficiency once the mortgages are paid off. [My) biggest real estate success is getting to the point where I have something of value to share with others on the subject of real estate and publishing a book on the topic. I’ve written a book called Retire on Real Estate, about the benefits of owning even one rental property for authentic diversification in planning for retirement.”

Kai’s new book, “Retire on Real Estate” is available now. Visit her website for more information. https://www.kkaianderson.com/

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