Creative Financing Options For Real Estate Investors

You don’t need money to make money.
You can create profit in real estate without a lot of start-up capital by using creative financing.

There is a creative financing tool for virtually every situation. As you become proficient with each, you will be able to identify and apply the appropriate solution to engineer profitable transactions from previously “impossible” deals.   As we say, “Find the opportunity and the money will come.”

“Control and Roll”©

You don’t need to buy real estate to profit, control it for 60 to 90 banking days and sell it before closing. First, identify a cash flow or equity opportunity.

Control the property with a contract that includes right of assignment, the right of entry, right to market, and an escape clause. Advertise the property, and assign your contract for more than your offered price. Earn $10,000 or more within 60 days! Sell by public “reserve” auction for a fast and lucrative sale. Always disclose your intent.

Use a stripped down contact of sale, the one we use is called a Skinny Contract. Use “banking days”, this you more time to market, sell it and close it.

  • Always build in an extension in your contact offer, do it now before you need it….”If requested, Seller agrees to extend this offer for 25 banking in order to finish  settlement documents or to complete the assignment.”
  • Always make full disclosures …….. you don’t want the seller to be surprised when an Auction Sign is placed on the lawn.
  • Disclose your intent to profit from the transaction, “It is understood that the buyer and seller have entered this transaction to satisfy their financial goals.”
  • Make certain your auction company know what you expect to happen. Interview auctioneers to find the one who understands what you are doing.
  • Make full disclosures as to marketing, assignment and what will happen if you are not successful in assigning your contract.
  • Right of entry or possession is important, you’ll need this for showings and on auction day.
  • Be certain the title company knows how and where to put your assignment fee.

The Control and Roll system is a great way to invest very short term for fast profits. Don’t be greedy.

Buy Low, Sell Low and do it Often

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