Control and Roll

Control & Roll is a system created by me from pure frustration with being a real estate salesperson (broker/agent) – I needed to GET OUT OF CONVENTIONAL real estate – there were too many gatekeepers, buyers, sellers, appraisers, underwriters, banks, mortgage brokers and others who didn’t care if you made a buck or not, if you helped your client or not, just too many ways to stop a sales from going to settlement.

I had to find another way to make money in real estate without those regulations stopping me – cutting-off my income and making me crazy.

I wanted a system where I got paid full commission without contingencies, without inspection requirements and a way to sell real estate for all cash without having to mess around with FHA or other loan products or appraisals.

So, the birth of Control & Roll – simply put C&R is a way of negotiating real estate with a skinny offer subject to a public auction. WOW – it turned out to be amazing – what a great way to detour away from lenders and others who had too many requirements to settle real estate.

So now as an auctioneer, owner of an auction company and investors, I only deal with buyers and sellers who understand the value of a fast and simple way to control and sell real estate – a system that has benefits for all; buyers, sellers, agents, and investors.

The sellers get what is offered, the buyer usually gets a good deal, the investor walks with money and the auctioneer gets their fee.

Charlie Parrish

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