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K. Kai Anderson and How to “Retire on Real Estate”

K. Kai Anderson is an alum of Investors United. The skills she learned allowed her the knowledge and ability to write and publish a book, “Retire on Real Estate”. Kai was kind enough to give us a few words on her thoughts and experience here at the school....

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Family Partnership for Profit and Fun

Family Partnership It works for the Girl Scouts; find the money you need by looking to friends and family. First, design an Investment Proposal including a narrative about the transaction, your intent, the capital requested, return and security offered, time frame,...

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Time to Ask Charles

QUESTION: Just had a question on how to structure partnerships where you put in no money. ANSWER Your capital is your knowledge, you are the person who brings the potentially profitable deal to the partnership table, yes, an LLC will work and depending on your...

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Real Estate Wealth

The Easy Way – Hard Way – Impossible Way Shopping for real estate is one of the skills most overlooked by real estate investors today, I’ve observed. There’s so much real estate buzz out there that people are often misled to think that a few episodes of...

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Successfully Manage Remote Real Estate Investing

Remote investing doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Remote investing – can be a success – Just closed a transaction in Ohio, controlled it for $100,000 and sold it within 11 days for $145,000. I was going to have an auction, but I always run some ads...

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