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Wholesale; Tips and Advice.

I am always amazed at many of these posts about wholesaling, assignments and flipping real estate! At 75 years old I find it interesting to read about flipping and wholesaling and what to do and how to do it. As a professional investor, broker and auctioneer and have...

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#ThinkItThursday 12-7

Q. What’s the number one thing a new agent can focus on the most in order to provide the best service to an investor client? A. Demonstrate to the client that you as an agent and understand contract engineering – how to write in the clauses to protect your...

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3 Ways Real Estate Investors Lose Money

#TransformationTuesday! Stop making these three money-losing mistakes. 1) Buying For Appreciation People who gamble on appreciation are the same ones who were left holding the bag after the last real estate bubble. Why wait for appreciation later, when you can create...

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Are You Ready?

Real estate investment has been proven to be the most lucrative vehicle for the creation of wealth in America. Still, before you decide whether or not you’re ready to invest in real estate, you have to ask yourself: “Am I ready to invest at all?” It’s a simple...

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#ThinkItThursday 11-30-2017

Q. As an investor, what are some of the biggest (or most common) issues you’ve run into when being represented by an agent in a transaction? A. Agents (most of them) do not have the ability or training to counsel their (unpaid) clients – they want to grab...

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