Master Mental Mountains to Summit Success, Part 2

For many working Americans, success—the ability to live life how you wish—might seem far away from the daily work routine. But the ability to sustain your current standard of living without a job IS attainable. It’s called financial freedom. and it’s entirely up to you. This blog series will provide you with a helpful map to your real estate income goals.

Welcome back to part two of my five part blog series. Today we learn about Visualization and how it can help you get to the place you want to be.


The first part of the map is called visualization. Define in your mind and [hen on paper what success means to you. Are you working towards income, a bigger home, college tuition? Is your idea of success sustaining your present lifestyle and income level but without a job? If so, list your current income as Financial Goal 1 (write it down.) Feel to add subsequent goals, example:

Financial Goal I—replace my salary with real estate income in 12 months

Financial (Goal 2—create a cash cushion in 18 months

Financial Goal B—grow income by in 24 months

Next Monday, part three, we will be talking about Affirmation. You don’t want to miss that.


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